Fitment of Electric Brake Controllers

Professionally installed by a qualified auto electrician.

Supercharge Battery, Boat Battery and Electric Break Controller

Here at Bell Auto Electrical, we specialise in the fitment of electric brake controllers. We fit and recommend the Redarc Tow-Pro™ Elite, it is the neatest and most compact design that can be remotely mounted leaving only the control knob visible, (ideal for new cars with knee airbags).

Designed and manufactured in Australia with a 2-year warranty, you can rest assured you’re getting the best brake controller on the market.

Professionally installed by a qualified auto electrician.

Advanced Electric Brake Controllers

Electric brake controllers offer an easy-to-operate technique of controlling your electric brakes. They make your vehicle behave as you expect, every time you apply the brakes. This gives you absolute control over your vehicle, thereby completely eliminating the chances of uncontrollable sways. At Bell Auto Electrical, we offer top quality electric brake controllers, supercharge battery as well as boat battery.

We recommend and fit the Redarc Tow-Pro Elite. This range of electric brake controllers are designed to suit the common braking applications. They require minimal dash space and can be easily installed and operated. Featuring one of the most compact and neatest designs, this line of brake controllers can be remotely mounted, while just leaving behind the control knob to be visible. This makes them ideal for the new cars having knee airbags.

Professional Fitment for Better Performance

Specializing in the fitment of quality electric brake controllers, we not only provide you with the best possible electric brake controller, but also offer professional installation services. In order to serve you better, our qualified auto electrician will carry out installation precisely and professionally. Furthermore, featuring a 2-year warranty, this is an Australian designed and manufactured product.

We offer an all-inclusive range of auto electric solution. For this reason, we also provide every type of battery across various regions, including battery across Ivanhoe as well as battery across Bulleen. Constantly servicing various models and makes, we provide quality products and efficient services. Besides, we only use hi-tech diagnosing tools and interrogate your vehicle’s auto electric system. This ensures a thorough checking, including the aspects such as proper engine fueling and suspension adjustments.

Latest Equipment for Better Vehicle Diagnosis

The auto-electric diagnostic equipment used by us feature latest technology. This facilitates accurate testing, followed by precise identification of the auto-electric problem. Our professionals will then fix the issue with high precision. All these are done right at the very first attempt, without the scope for re-work. Therefore, with us, you not only get quality products, but you can also avail professional services.

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DIY or We Fit For You

We can fit and install Redarc Tow-Pro™ Elite for you. For customers outside Melbourne, we will package and post to you.