Auto Electrical Diagnostics

Do you have warning lights showing on your dash?

Do you have warning lights showing on your dash. Not sure what it means. Bell Auto uses the latest auto electrical diagnostic tools  to work out exactly what the lights mean. From ABS brakes, Sensors and airbags right through to engine management, we interface with your car's computer and work out what needs to be done.

Ignition and Power

Getting your car started and keeping it running

Getting your car started and keeping it running involves a number of important components, including starter motors, alternators and distributors. Bell Auto can repair, supply and install them all, using top quality parts to make sure your engine starts with ease and keeps running smoothly.

Engine Management

Keeping your engines electrical systems in great working order

Your car's running efficiency is controlled by a complex electrical system that includes things like EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) and complete engine management. Keeping your engines electrical systems in great working order means better running and efficiency for you. Our experience means that you get the right fix for your car.

Auto Electrical Components

We have the experience and diagnostic equipment

So much of your car is controlled and managed electronically these days, from power windows and power seats, to abs, airbags and wipers, each with its own wiring, switches relays and fuses. Bell Auto Electrical have the experience and diagnostic equipment to quickly find faults and repair them in all these systems.

Automotive Lighting

Head Lights and Tail Lights

Keeping your car's lighting system maintained and in great working order is not only a roadworthy requirement, its also a simple matter of safety.

We can assist you by checking, repairing and replacing bulbs / globes for all aspects of your car's lighting, including headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reversing lights and turn indicators. We can advise you of the best types of globes to use for maximum efficiency and safety

Proficient Auto Electrical Services

Warning signs showing up on your dash is the last thing that you would want to see while driving. Sometimes, there are various warning signs reflecting on your dash, but you are not sure what exactly they mean. This is exactly where we can help you with our professional electrical services. At Bell Auto Electrical, we offer quality electrical services using latest auto-electrical diagnostic tools. These tools will exactly determine and explain what these warning lights mean.

With our proficient auto electrical diagnostic services, we will successfully detect various auto problems, without misinterpreting. These include everything from the complications associated with ABS brakes as well as airbags and sensors to glitches in engine management. We interface with the computer of your vehicle and then work out the best possible solution to fix the problem. This makes us stand apart from the rest.

Repair Maintenance and Installation Specialists

Vehicles today are extremely complex. The integrated sensors, computer and the management system require much more than the general mechanical support for their smooth performance. For this reason, we use latest diagnostic equipment and tools, which will quickly determine the underlying problem. We will then precisely work out the best possible course of action for your vehicle.

We have the required experience and can efficiently work on vehicles of different models. Furthermore, we offer the same highest quality of services to all our valued clients. Right from dealers to our retail customers, the quality of services offered by us will not vary. Besides, the quality of our services will remain the same, irrespective of the size of your problem.

Aimed to provide a comprehensive range of auto-electrical solution, we also supply quality battery across Bulleen. With us, you can also buy battery, including the supercharge battery.

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