Custom Trailer Wiring

Quality Trailer Wiring is vital for safe towing.

From the brakes to the lights, having things correctly wired is vital.

Bell Auto Electrical have been wiring and re-wiring all types of trailers and caravans for many years. We use quality parts and our experience ensures that your custom trailer wiring not only works but looks right too.

We typically use longer lasting LED lights with all our custom trailer wiring.

Custom Trailer Wiring for Safe Towing

Wiring has a vital role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Right from lights to brakes, it is essential to have everything correctly wired. At Bell Auto Electrical, we have a rich experience in providing quality services of wiring and re-wiring for different types of caravans and trailers. We use quality parts. Besides, being highly experienced, our professionals will ensure that your custom trailer wiring will not only function right, but also looks right.

Typically, we use LED lights that last longer with all our custom trailer wiring. Aimed to precisely cater to your vehicle needs, we will first understand your requirements and then go ahead with the work. This ensures that you get exactly what you want. All our professionals carry rich experience and are highly proficient in their work.

Personalized Services

We understand that every client is different and hence their vehicle needs will also vary. For this reason, we offer highly personalized services. Furthermore, the quality of our services is not compromised and we provide the same level of service to all our valued clients. Therefore, whether you are our retail customer or a dealer, we offer customized trailer wiring services.
Offering a comprehensive range of auto electric supplies, we offer quality battery across Heidelberg as well as battery across Ivanhoe. Our car battery range is designed to deliver optimal performance. Therefore, with us, you will no longer have to worry about quality products. The best part is, we also offer proficient services.

Quality Trailer Wiring is Just a Call Away

In case of any queries you can directly reach us on 0394594155 or write to us at Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you. We also get back to queries that are posted online.